What do I need to file my small business taxes?

What do I need to file my individuals taxes?

Personal Information

  • Your social security number
  • Your spouse's full name and social security number
  • Amount of any alimony paid and ex-spouse's social security number
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Other people who may belong on your return

  • Dates of birth and social security numbers
  • Childcare records (including the provider's ID number) if applicable
  • Approximate income of other adults in your home (not spouse, if you're filing jointly)
  • Form 8332, copies of your divorce decree, or other documents showing that your ex-spouse is releasing their right to claim a child to you
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Education Payments

  • Bills from the educational institution or anything else that itemizes what you paid or received loans for versus what was covered by scholarship or other financial aid
  • Forms 1098-T and 1098-E, if you received them
  • Scholarships and fellowships
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Employee Information

  • Forms W-2
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Self-Employment Information

  • Forms 1099-MISC, Schedules K-1, income records to verify amounts not reported on 1099s
  • Records of all expenses - check registers or credit card statements, and receipts
  • Business-use asset information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation
  • Office in home information, if applicable
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Vehicle Information

  • Total miles driven for the year (or beginning/ending odometer readings)
  • Total business miles driven for the year (other than commuting)
  • Amount of parking and tolls paid
  • If you want to claim actual expenses, receipts or totals for gas, oil, car washes, licenses, personal property tax, lease or interest expense, etc.
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Rental Income

  • Records of income and expenses
  • Rental asset information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation
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Retirement Income

  • Pension/IRA/annuity income (1099-R)
  • Social security/RRB income (1099-SSA, RRB-1099)
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Savings and Investments

  • Interest, dividend income (1099-INT, 1099-OID, 1099-DIV)
  • Income from sales of stock or other property (1099-B, 1099-S)
  • Dates of acquisition and records of your cost or other basis in property you sold
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Other Income

  • Unemployment, state tax refund (1099-G)
  • Gambling income (W-2G or records showing income, as well as expense records)
  • Amount of any alimony received and ex-spouse's name
  • Health care reimbursements (1099-SA or 1099-LTC)
  • Jury duty records
  • Hobby income and expenses
  • Prizes and awards
  • Other 1099
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Itemizing Deductions

  • Forms 1098 or other mortgage statements
  • Amount of state/local income tax paid (other than wage withholding), or amount of state and
  • Local sales tax paid
  • Real estate and personal property tax records
  • Invoice showing amount of vehicle sales tax paid
  • HUD statement showing closing date of home purchase
  • Cash amounts donated to houses of worship, schools, other charitable organizations
  • Records of non-cash charitable donations
  • Amounts paid for healthcare insurance and to doctors, dentists, hospitals
  • Amounts of miles driven for charitable or medical purposes
  • Expenses related to your investments
  • Amount paid for preparation of your 2008 tax return
  • Employment-related expenses (dues, publications, tools, uniform cost and cleaning, travel)
  • Job-hunting expenses
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IRA Information

  • Amount contributed for 2009 (and 2010, if applicable)
  • Traditional IRA basis
  • Value of IRAs on Dec. 31, 2009
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If you were affected by a federally declared disaster

  • City/county you lived/worked/had property in
  • Records to support property losses (appraisal, clean up costs, etc.)
  • Records of rebuilding/repair costs
  • Insurance reimbursements/claims to be paid
  • FEMA assistance information
  • Check FEMA site to see if my county qualifies for individual assistance
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What do I need to file my small business taxes?


  • Gross receipts from sales or services
  • Sales records (for accrual based taxpayers)
  • Inventory (if applicable)
  • Beginning inventory
  • Inventory purchases
  • Ending inventory
  • Items removed for personal purposes
  • Returns and allowances
  • Business checking and savings account interest (1099-INT or statement)
  • Other income
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  • Advertising
  • Transportation and travel expenses
    • Local transportation
    • Business trip (mileage) log
    • Contemporaneous log or receipts for public transportation, parking and tolls
  • Travel away from home
    • Airfare or mileage (actual expense if drove)
    • Hotel
    • Meals and tips
    • Taxes and tips
    • Internet connection (hotel, Internet cafe, etc.)
    • Other
  • Commissions paid to subcontractors
  • Depreciation
  • Cost and acquisition date of assets
  • Sales price and disposition date of any assets sold
  • Fringe benefits
    • Employer-paid pension/profit sharing contributions
    • Employer-paid HSA contributions
    • Employer-paid health insurance premiums
    • Cost of other fringe benefits
  • Business insurance
  • Casualty loss insurance
  • Errors and omissions
  • Other
  • Interest expense
    • Mortgage interest on building owned by business
    • Business loan interest
  • Legal fees
  • Office supplies
    • Pens, paper, staples, etc.
    • Other consumables
  • Rent expense
    • Office space rent
    • Business-use vehicle lease expense
    • Other
  • Office-in-home
    • Square footage of office space (hours of use for daycare business)
    • Total square footage of home (not applicable for daycare business)
    • Mortgage interest or rent paid
    • Utilities
  • Wages paid to employees
  • Form W-2 and W-3
  • Federal and state payroll returns (Form 940, etc.)
  • Other expenses
  • Repairs, maintenance of office facility, etc.
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